Hello there. This is my webpage. I hope you enjoy it. I have recently completed my MA/MSC in Innovation Design Engineering, a joint course between the Royal College of Art and Imperial College. I enjoy combining the analytical problem solving of engineering with the creativity of design to tackle real world issues. As the nature of design is changing, it is important to be able to approach any problem with a combination of the tools, methodologies, and life experience to create innovative design solutions. The results will vary between systemic solutions, objects, services, or a combination of these, but it is always important that the solution most address both environmental and social sustainability within its context.

Before the RCA, I received a BS in Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Colorado. I'm originally from Chicago, and enjoy fly fishing, spending time in the mountains, cycling in the city, and traveling around the world, reaching 5 of the 7 continents so far. For more info, send me an email, or check out my CV. But for now, I hope you enjoy some of the projects I have worked while studying at the RCA.